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Inquire with the company to know his right to the employer loan

Inquire with the company to know his right to the employer loan

To qualify for the Action Logement loan (term used from now on), you must first comply with the following rules:

  • Work in a private sector company (public servants can not benefit)
  • Your company must join the Interprofessional Housing Committee ( CIL )
  • Housing covered by the employer loan must meet energy standards
  • Agree to reside in the dwelling as a principal residence
  • The amount granted must not exceed one third of the acquisition with a ceiling of 25,000 € for a period of 20 years at the most.

Read the complete file on the Action-Logement loan: here

Do I need to check with my company?

This is the simplest and most direct approach. If you work in a large company, contact HR . This one can facilitate your steps and give you all the useful advice. If you are in a small structure, you can inquire either directly with the head of the company or with the CIL closest to your home. Several committees are at your service in each department.

Can my boss refuse to give me credit?

money credit

The question does not arise in these terms. It is not a question of whether your boss wants or does not want to lend you, but to know what decisions he has made regarding the use of the available envelope .

Be aware that the company can allocate all or part of the funds of the Action-Logement loan to the rental. The money can thus be used to finance the guarantee or the advance loca-pass or to promote the access of the employees to the offer of social housing proposed by the agencies 1% housing.

This decision belongs to the company that alone determines how the sums available should be used . Assuming that it decides to prioritize homeownership, you should know that your funding will also depend on the amounts available at the time of your application. If the funds have been used in full, you will not be able to benefit from the Action-Logement loan.

What criteria does my boss decide on?

loan criteria

Here again, the entrepreneur has a lot of leeway. Apart from the discriminatory criteria, it alone decides on the attribution rules: first and foremost to serve first-time buyers, married couples, the oldest employees, etc. These rules must, however, be based on objective criteria .