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Credit Rejected? ▷ These 5 Providers Help Immediately.

      p> In 2017, over eight million installment loan agreements were concluded in Germany. Unfortunately, the number of loan applications actually submitted is unknown. Of course, with these volumes, it can not be ruled out that one or the other rejection of an inquiry can occur. When lending, banks generally assume that the Read More

Permanent credit, maximum rate and repayment

  Money reserves Principle The revolving credit entitles you to an overdraft within the limit fixed by contract. This reserve of money also called permanent credit is often associated with a credit card that allows you to pay your purchases freely up to the reserve you have. Thus, if you have obtained a cash reserve Read More

Agreement in principle subject to use of a mortgage

Even if a written agreement from its bank is useful in many cases, this certificate can not replace the previous offer of loan which remains the only document binding the bank and which can only be opposed to the notary and the seller to prove that you have met the requirements of the suspensive loan Read More

Inquire with the company to know his right to the employer loan

To qualify for the Action Logement loan (term used from now on), you must first comply with the following rules: Work in a private sector company (public servants can not benefit) Your company must join the Interprofessional Housing Committee ( CIL ) Housing covered by the employer loan must meet energy standards Agree to reside Read More